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..even bad things end

....May 31, 2008

All good things must come to an end.  Like most people, my entire life has been one good thing ending after another.  It is the way of things.  But I never would have thought that bad things can also end.  Which is why the termination of this site is so surprising.  Who would have imagined that something this bad could ever end?

I dedicate all that I have done here to my friend, The Silverback.  It was his idea and design.  He maintained it.  But for The Silverback, this site would not have existed.  Thank you, David.

Next, I bow to Ochiya.  She has taught me many small and wondrous things; among them, that I am capable of being understood. 

I thank those whom I love, whether acutely or chronically.  You know who you are.

And, finally, I acknowledge the following:

    My dead father and my living siblings
    Denise and Bud
    Betty Gaiennie
    Dr. Samuel Johnson
    Flannery O'Connor
    Pete Maravich
    Warren Zevon
    My best friend, Jeff
    Elliott Longstreet
    Henri Matisse
    Shelby Foote
    Dave Barry
    Mad Magazine
    Jackson Browne
    The National Lampoon 
    Kingsley Amis
    Peter Mark Roget
    Jennifer Connelly
    Schrodinger's cat
    J. S. Bach
    Siddhartha Gautama
    Male cardinals
    Stringed instruments
    2007 National Champion LSU Football team
    Albert Einstein
    The musical score of the movie Glory
    The Deefers
    Jonathan Winters
    William Strunk
    Abraham Lincoln
    Steve Earle
    Good manners
    Shakespeare's sonnet # 73
    Ron Popeil
    Joni Mitchell
    Girlfriends, class of '74
    The Swamp Fox
    Johnny Carson
    Atticus Finch
    Stephen Colbert
    Chet Baker's version of My Funny Valentine
    The newspaper
    David Sedaris
    Musical harmonies
    Sullivan Ballou's letter to his wife, July 14, 1861

And to all who have read these entries---in particular, those who were kind and encouraging---thank you.

                                                                              May 31, 2008 


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