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August 4, 2001

The Otis Ring

I have deadbolt locks on my doors.   The keys to the locks are kept on a large metal ring which is hung on the wall.   I call it the Otis Ring because it reminds me of the key-ring that hung between the two Mayberry jail cells one of which was often occupied by the town drunk, Otis Campbell.   Otis would get drunk, stumble to Sheriff Andy Taylor's office and let himself into his cell using the Otis Ring.   He'd clang shut the door, reach through the bars, replace the keys on the wall and sleep it off.   The next morning, Otis would retrieve the key-ring from the wall just outside his cell, unlock the door, put the Otis Ring back on the wall and leave the way he came.

I think this site is my Otis Ring.

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