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August 5, 2001


Since launching this site in late May, I have received 850 hits.   This is 1/100,000 the number Britney Spears gets per nanosecond.   But I have my original tits.

Of the 850 hits, 412 are from the USA.   Of those 412, I would guess 400 are from me.   Which brings me to an interesting synergy growing between Finland and Canada, my two favorite countries.

I have never been to Finland, but I have two friends who live there.   They are both wonderful so I assume the entire country is wonderful.   Neither of my friends is named Amelia, but someone named Amelia left an encouraging message in the Guestbook.   Thank you Amelia, whoever you are.

I have been to Canada many times and I like it for many reasons.   A new reason for liking Canada is my discovery of The Greatest Web Journaler Of All Time---Javina.   But anyway, Finland has graced me with 15 hits and Canada has contributed 10.   My heartfelt thanks to both.

Next in the hit parade are Australia at 4 hits and the Ivory Coast at 3.   I have to give the nod here to Ivory Coast since the entire country has only two PCs. Singapore stands alone with 2 hits and has nipping at its heels China, UK, USSR (former) and New Zealand.   Given China's population of six gazillion people, one would think I'd get at least 10,000 accidental hits from folks searching for new recipes for cooking beasts.   As for the UK and USSR, they are too busy getting drunk to read boring tales of the Clean and Sober.   And my one hit from New Zealand came from a sheep with whom I will be spending New Year's Eve.

I thank everyone for tuning in.   Please feel free to either leave a message in the Guestbook or write directly to me.    This has been a PSA---(Public Service Announcement, not Prostate Specific Antigen).

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