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August 14, 2001


A childhood memory :

I was little older than a toddler when my father rescued from the pound and gave to me a calico kitten I named Daisy.   I love at the drop of a hat so I loved that kitten immediately and deeply.

One crisp autumn morning not long after I got her, Daisy and I went outside into the front yard and played in the leaves.   When we got tired, we sat on the front steps and enjoyed being alive.   Before long, I heard a city trash truck and I watched it as it made its way up my street toward my house.

The truck was traveling slowly along the curb and was just about to stop in front of my house when Daisy bolted from a leaf pile and ran toward the street.   Before I could move from my step, the truck ran over Daisy and flattened her.   Two trashmen got out of the truck.   One began throwing yard waste into the back of the truck.   The other guy looked down at the flat cat, looked over at me and lit a cigarette.   Then he unlatched a pitchfork from the truck, looked over at me again and stuck my dead kitty with the long tines.   Cigarette dangling from his lips and my sweet pet dangling from the fork, the man grinned and tossed Daisy into the truckbed with the leaves and dead branches.   I was still standing in my front yard, mouth open and still as a statue, when the two men got back in their truck and drove off.

I finally moved feet and tears and turned around to go back inside.   I remember thinking, "This is gonna be GRRREAT!   JUUUST great! "

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