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September 4, 2001

sheen fire and sheen rain

Disclaimer:  Just because I haven't used AA to get and stay sober; and just because I have done it on my own (okay, on my own with an assist from a burning bush); and just because I am a Dry Drunk who hates Martin Sheen (and every other flavor of sheen); does not mean that I am anti-AA.  It simply means I have no use for it.

Take, for example, the concept of "enabling."  The AA forces (and their Women's/Men's Auxiliary, Al-Anon) despise enablers because they "enable" drunks to keep drinking.  But in their next coffee-reeking breaths, the AAers will insist (accurately) that nobody can make an alcoholic drink or not drink except the alcoholic himself.  Are the enablers running this show or not?

By the AA's definition, my best friend was an enabler.  I guess he would still be one if I were still drinking.  But since I force myself not to drink, that same friend has been my biggest sobriety enabler.  It comes down to this:  My friend loves me in whatever state I'm in and trusts me to improve (or not) according to my own timetable and in my own manner.  This is consistent with the Truth that, to be or not to be a drunk...  that is the question the drunk alone can answer.

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