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May 15, 2003


I remember my grandfather expressing happiness at living long enough to see man walk on Neptune.  I knew he meant the moon.  I was less clear on what he meant by the oft-repeated question, "Where is my yak?" 

I consider myself fortunate to have lived long enough to see an Arby's employee question the motives of an oven mitt doing sit-ups under the direction of a personal fitness trainer.  This television commercial for the new Arby's Pot Roast Sandwich doesn't pack the fingernails-on-the-blackboard wallop as, say, the "Hey, Alleve!" spot.  But for that why-oh-why-did-I-bogart-the-peyote-buttons? sensation, Arby's oven mitt commercial is  hard to beat.

Some day in the future, my grandchildren will hear me grousing about a talking, exercising oven mitt and how the four-fingered Hamburger Helper hand could've kicked its ass and...and...

Where is my yak?

©  2003 by the beastmaster