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..awake on April 25th

....April 25, 2008

It was ten years ago today that I last consumed alcohol.  In some ways, though, alcohol still consumes me.  Okay, maybe it doesn't consume me, but it certainly defines me.  It's like being Japanese.

I did the first nine months standing on my head.  Then again, the doctor who delivered me found a cocktail onion lodged in my umbilical cord.  My parents were like Rat Packers and I get the feeling I sucked down some gestational Gibsons.

The word "addict" comes from the Latin addictus, a debtor who was indentured to work off what he owed.  Nobody has ever told me whom I owe or how I came to be in debt.  But I must have gotten way behind on my payments because the interest ate me alive.

Through hard work and sacrifice, I've saved enough to lie down and die.  But like a schoolboy on a Sunday night, I'm forcing myself to stay awake. 

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